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Fuel pump not priming

May 18, 2013 · The hand pump should get hard, so if this doesnt happen it could mean a leak, or air, or a fault with the hand primer itself. You could rig up a temporary fuel supply, say a funnel and a hose and gravity feed the engine pump. This way you would be sure there is no air and no chance of drawing air. The fuel pump might be working but it is not priming. When you turn on the vehicle, the pump sends fuel under pressure to the injectors, to "prime" or have fuel present to be able to start engine. Without it there will no fuel available to start it. You are manually priming the engine, and the fuel pump is taking over from there. General Tech - Fuel pump not priming - Hello all, I have a 1998 C1500 4.3L. I replaced the fuel pump about 2 years ago, and some time after replacement, began having issues Seems to me like the high pitch noise means the pump is not priming, and the low pitch means that the pump is moving fuel.When turning the key you cannot hear the fuel pump priming. 1) Checked all the relay's fuses in the line/used a test light to verify power getting through 2) Changed the fuel pump out (strainer and all that fun) 3) Checked wire going from relay to the pump with a test light. I wanted to report a successful repair to my original problem for my '91 "Fuel Pump Not Priming -or- Running Continuously". After weeks of troubleshooting, I found a pulled out female connector from the Fuel-Pump Relay Terminal Block 86. It was underneath the Power-Distribution-Center...Aug 03, 2013 · Not sure about the battery drain but there could be a piece of tape or other foreign object blocking the fuel pump intake. That would keep the pump from priming. I'm just not sure if the pump priming stops when it's primed or if it's on a timer. Jul 24, 2017 · Fuel pump not priming, 2001 April is mille ALL For Sale (FS), Wanting to Buy (WTB), Wanting to Trade (WTT), and similar threads MUST be posted in the correct subforums. Do not post these threads in any other forum. When I changed my pump in 2000, the fuel pump kits carried by our local auto parts stores did NOT come with the necessary adapter to hold the pump in place. However, in August 2002 I helped a friend to swap his Cherokee's fuel pump and his new pump (from AutoZone) had an adapter sleeve included which made the swap MUCH easier... There is only a two second prime until the truck starts, then once oil pressure is up, the computer will send constant power to the fuel pump. Sometimes just unplugging, cleaning and re-connecting the connector will fix the problem. If you do have power, I would suspect the fuel pump quit. There is a significant difference in the plumbing of the two systems. Because the solenoid valve is only an electrically-operated valve, and not a pump, the fuel source for the primer circuit must be pressurized. Normally, this system is used in conjunction with an electric auxiliary pump such as the Facet. Oct 02, 2017 · Fuel pump will not prime 1992 f150 with 5.0. October 2, 2017 Dwain Chastain Off Auto Repair Questions, Ford, Fuel pump will not prime. If your truck utilizes a mechanical fuel pump follow the testing procedure listed below. These trucks (1990 – 1996) employ a single, high pressure pump which is part of the modular, In-Tank Reservoir (ITR) assembly. Besides the pump, the ITR consists of a venturi jet pump, a supply check valve and a shuttle selector valve. This will pull in the fuel pump relay and you SHOULD get 12VDC at the fuel pump connector with the ingnition switch ON. If it passes this test, the fuel pump relay CONTACTS AND COIL are working. If it fails this test , you probably have a BAD Fuel Pump RELAY. Remove the jumper from the FP and Gnd terminals of the diagnostic connector. 6. Replaced the fuel pump, it started priming, and after getting other issues fixed, got it running. Put in about 130 miles over three successive days, and Fuel pump no longer priming, and the ECU gives 'no error codes'. I'm thinking about replacing all the components in the fuel assembly BUT the pump...fuel pump not priming. Thread starter morssolis; Start date Aug 1, 2017; Tags fuel noise power pump whining; Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. Nov 4, 2018 ... Nov 30, 2011 · The fuel pump definitely does NOT prime when I open the door or turn the key in the ignition. I've checked fuse 28 and the other ignition fuses in the fuse board in the dashboard and they are fine. When I turn the key the car just turns over and over but doesn't fire. No priming is required to get the pump to work. It sounds like you are sucking air, but from where, Cracked line, fitting or housing? It could be a blockage from rust or crud in the HFCM where the drain plug is. Oct 13, 2011 · Re: 2004 Speed Triple fuel pump not priming. So,i get home yesterday arvy and disconnect the battery and hook it back up. Turn the key and hear the fuel pump prime but only weakly. Marco UP2/P -Self-priming electric pump with PTFE gears for applications such as water or diesel fuel transfer. PERFORMANCE RANGE Flow rate up to 10 l/min Max Pressure 1.5 bar Fuel pump not priming 05-01-2019, 08:50 PM. Ok I have an 01 tlr. Purchased it about a month ago. Got to ride it the first day. Went to start it up and no pump prime. ... What Does A Fuel Pump Do? A fuel pump is an essential component of a car powered by an internal combustion engine. When you turn off the engine with a minimum fuel level, the fuel drains from the priming chamber connected to the fuel delivery system.Jul 09, 2020 · Your goal in priming a water pump is to restore pressure so that the pump can pull water itself. Check your pressure gauges periodically and, if the pressure is not high enough or the pump is not working adequately, repeat all steps. It's normal to make a few attempts when priming a water pump. The E6X software is not configurable on the time for fuel pump priming. That is only available on the newer firmware versions of the E8/E11 software. Tell your customer to just turn the ignition key off and on twice. This would prime the pumps twice within seconds of each other and acheive what you want. Placing the fuel pump in the tank also cuts assembly costs. Fuel tanks arrive at the manufacturer, complete with the pump. Preventing fuel pump failure is far less expensive than replacing the pump. A conventional inline fuel filter does not directly protect the fuel pump.A self-priming fuel transfer system. Truly a safety siphon! The Super Jiggler is a self priming gas siphon hose pump that you use to safely siphon gas, diesel and other liquids without getting a mouthful in the process. However, recently I added an aux fuel filter (Vulcan) between the stock cannister and the cp3 pump and tried priming it quite a few times with no apparent results. So I removed the fuel line coming out of the aux filter and bumped the starter once and had copious amount of fuel everywhere. Causes of an Oil Furnace Losing Prime. An oil furnace that loses prime simply means that fuel oil is not getting to the burner nozzle. This is commonly caused by a blockage in the fuel line or an ... The supply will be the hose that feeds the injection pump and also has a small inline fuel filter in it. Disconnect the hose where it enters the fuel filter. Take your bolt and push it into the hose to keep fuel from coming out. Now take the SUPPLY hose that is in your bottle and connect to the in-line fuel filter on the car. I would have to crank it like 10seconds to at least get it started but it would be about to die when started up. The key on the 2nd run position multiple times, the fuel rail is not pressured so the pump is not priming according to the test gauge and my...Aug 01, 2017 · It does not make that loud noise you hear when it primes. I had one battery on the bike to start it and another on the fuel pump, and still nothing. I am getting spark. Checked that since I had the tank off. All fuses are good and there is connectivity between 3 of the 4 prongs going to fuel pump and the frame. May 10, 2018 · Now it is not working at all, I get an intermittent issue where the bike will not start. When I turn the key, I see the tacho sweep and I hear a relay click (it's the 3rd from the front relay on the left hand side with two thicker blue wires in the connector that have 12v on them to ground), but the fuel pump does not prime nor the bike start. Feb 24, 2013 · Put an inline elect fuel pump in prior to the injector pump...crack each injector line starting with the one furthest from the injector pump...once all bled..attempt start..once running, check for air leaks at fuel rail connectors with carb cleaner or wd40 listening for engine sound changes...if running ok...remove electric pump and attempt restart...if no good, then prob may be in injector pump and/or pickup pump...good luck Jun 02, 2015 · If you are not sure, it is a simple task to do it. Remove the fuel pipe from the rubber connector pipe under the Eber. Take the cable off the pump, get two pieces of wire and connect to 12v and gnd. Hold one wire on one of the pump connections and tap the other on the remaining pump connector. Polarity is irrelevant. Aug 16, 2017 · So I decided to reseal the pump and change the 2 filters at the same time. Easy enough, as I've successfully bled the system many times before when I had some dirty fuel problems. (long since fixed, cleaned tank, new lines, new lift pump and in line filter fitted, it's run for years since then, so I doubt that's got anything to do with this). Starting vehicle after 10 hours of vehicle not running, the vehicle cranks/has a delayed start for approximately 4 to 8 seconds. Battery, alternator and start was check and all was in working order. I was told the issue may be a defective fuel pump, due to the engine losing fuel pressure after not running for an extended period of time. They are NOT installed on the same side of the fuel pump. And what you would need to do is buy the Caterpillar secondary filter base, manual pump and filters. THAT is how the "rest" of them are set up (after market primary filter and Caterpillar secondary filter housing, manual pump and filter). the fuel pump was knackerd got anew one £200 ,still will not start , so the guy at the landrover shop told me to replace the presure regulator ,so i did that $70 .and still wont start ,it will not bleed itself even after 1 hour trying,any body got any more ideas . Compact and lightweight, this self-priming 12v pump is ideal for general purpose clean water transfer. Pumps water at up to 290 GPH (gallons per hour). Clips onto 12v battery terminals. Rugged all-metal construction; Maximum flow: 290 GPH (gallons per hour) Total head lift: 40 ft. Dual threaded inlet and outlet: 3/4 in. garden hose thread Jun 02, 2015 · If you are not sure, it is a simple task to do it. Remove the fuel pipe from the rubber connector pipe under the Eber. Take the cable off the pump, get two pieces of wire and connect to 12v and gnd. Hold one wire on one of the pump connections and tap the other on the remaining pump connector. Polarity is irrelevant. well i looked at the pinout of the flasher in the manual and it is difficult to figure out where the Fuel Pump not priming comes in. But as that video says, ' just try another one and see if it works', well that tells me that HE doesn't know what exactly it does either. The electrical diagrams for this bike SUCK. i have a 2002 s-10 with a 4.3 engine and just installed a new fuel pump. fired right up and ran great. Its not a daily driver so a couple of days later i went out to start it and it wouldn’t start. cranks fine. then a day later it would fire right up. now it wont start again. i can hear the fuel pump run when the key is on. please help!!